DJ Mixer 4 Channels Mixing Console Effects Processor with Sound Card – RMI688

• Professional 4-channel DJ Mixing Console, Monitor and Effects Processor with a Sound Card
• Compact and Lightweight can be Directly connected to your PC’s USB Port Power Supply, No additional Power needed
• With MP3 Broadcast and a Sound card, it can be directly connected to your PC
• Built-in Phantom power display and switch, Headphone jack, Power Indicator Light, The Signal Output status display, MP3 display and master key, MP3 USB Jack, Stereo Output Interface, Recording terminal, USB power Supply Interface, MP3 / PC connection working state switch
• Mono Input Jack XLR and Phone type plug for microphone or any other instrument
• Stereo Input Jack, Phone and RCA types to connect Line-level Instruments such as electronic Keyboards and Audio Equipment
• Gain Knob to adjust the gain of Input signal, High to control the channel treble tone, Low to control the channel bass tone
• Main Volume Knob for volume, echo repetition frequency, and effect echo repeat time interval adjustments
• Built-in EFX Button, Channel Effect Access Button, Channel volume Knob and ST/USB button to switch between ST and USB input Signals
• Input Chanel Sensitivity Mic -60db, Stereo Ch. Input -40db, EFX send and return •20db
• Output 4 Volt Max

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