1) Request Money Withdrawals.

  • Under ‘Payments‘ in the main menu, click on ‘Withdrawal‘ to view commissions, select, the click on ‘Request Withdrawals‘ button on the top-right.


  Important Notes:

  • You will be able to submit payment requests for orders after 7 Daysfrom order date.
  • Threshold value for withdrawals is: AED 500
  • Only payments for completed orders will be processed.
  • Your request will be submitted to the Admin and the payment will be processed within 7 Business Days.


2) View and Download Payments History.

  • Under ‘Payments‘ in the main menu, click on ‘History‘ to view processed payments transactions, you can use date filter. Select and download CSV file of your transactions by clicking on ‘Download CSV‘ button on the top-right.



  • Contact seller support team for any assistance required: seller@trenddr.com 


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