ALOELAB Smooth-Skin Aloe Body Scrub

  • •Suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES.•
  • Ingredients: Pure Aloe Vera oil – pure Beeswax – Olive oil from our organic Olive trees infused with fresh Aloe Vera leaves – Himalayan salt – Minced white sugar – Pure Turmeric powder – Pure Eucalyptus essential oil.
  • Suggested Use: Three times per week, apply it on your body, scrub gently, rub it in circular motions and keep it for ten minutes. Then wash with warm, not hot, water. A little goes a long way – apply only a pea-sized amount at a time.
  • Results: It removes skin impurities, dead skin cells and reduces stretch marks and gets rid of Cellulite resulting in radiant, clear and smooth skin.
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